health and fitness on your doorstep
health and fitness on your doorstep


Mike Poole, 37, City Trader

I have been training with Baseline Fitness for over 5 years, having started at one of Chris and Andy’s bootcamps having done little to no exercise for the previous 10 years. Having ‘caught the bug’ thanks to their enthusiastic, challenging but always fun training sessions, I started one on one personal training with Chris. Over the years we have worked towards various goals, be they weight loss, muscle gain, overall fitness…always with a varied approach that has kept every session interesting and ensures I come away having learned something not only about various training methods but about myself too. Chris’ approach to not only physical but mental wellbeing certainly came to the forefront in 2020 with online community training programmes and fun challenges that brought people together when they were stuck at home. I have never been fitter or healthier and very much recommend Baseline Fitness no matter what your fitness levels or goals.


Sarah Poole, Therapist

Having been dragged along to Chris and Andy’s bootcamp by my husband, I quickly realised the term ‘bootcamp’ wasn’t as intimidating as it first sounded, with all of the group exercises pitched so that you could do as much as suited your level of fitness. I also started training with Chris one on one and he quickly established my strengths and weaknesses and is a great motivator when it’s clear I’m not on top form that day! I have lost weight, become more toned and have become stronger without really realising so much of the training I was doing was benefiting me in many different ways. Previously the gym to me was a dull place where the treadmill or exercise bike would stare at me until I gave in…now I am able to follow programmes set by Chris across a number of different exercises and lifts with increased confidence. I am also eating more healthily and have increased energy levels thanks to the continued well-being approach by Baseline Fitness outside of the gym.


George Palmer, 35, Accountant


I have trained with Chris for 9 months and thoroughly enjoy our weekly personal training sessions. We set targets to build muscle and lift heavier weights. Chris set short achievable goals for me, which gave me motivation to keep eating well and working hard. Chris offers 24 hour support over the phone for advice before meals, before and during gym sessions and whilst I’m at the supermarket!



Janine Galloway, Senior Research Officer & keen club tennis player


I've been training with Chris since January 2011 and during this time I have seen a real improvement in my fitness levels.  I've worked with several personal trainers over the years and Chris is by far the best.  His sessions are fun, but we work hard - he knows the right balance of pushing me much further than I would work by myself and working too hard so that it's demotivating by using a variety of exercises which are fun, positive, challenging, motivating and keeps each session fresh.  He has taken the time to really get to know me, my exercise and training habits and frequently gives me useful suggestions and advice to keep me on track.  I lost 2 stone in the first four months of this year which is a testament to his hard work and professionalism.  He knows that tennis is important to me and helps me with tennis specific training and caters for my specific needs as a tennis player.  He has also helped motivate me and encourage me to do better with my British Military Fitness sessions which has given me more confidence and enabled me to enjoy these sessions. Most importantly Chris is very personable and approachable which has really helped in turning going to the gym and exercising from something I hated to something I really enjoy.  His enthusiasm for his clients' progress is obvious, and he is never less than encouraging and Chris's ability to make me believe in my own ability and to push myself beyond my comfort zone is a key factor in why I enjoy my training sessions.  I would recommend Chris to anyone who wants to get fit or fitter, wants a challenge, and wants a personal trainer who is reliable, encouraging and easy to connect with.



Darren Walsh – Full time tennis player


I trained with Chris in preparation for the professional tennis tour. I saw him initially with a number of injuries that prevented me playing. With a number of specific rehab exercises I recovered quickly, retaining a good level of fitness. Once fully fit, Chris provided me with an excellent tennis specific workout, which pushed my fitness and core strength up rapidly. I’m really grateful for all the hard work and time Chris gave me, highly recommended.



Sara Rich, Field Marketing Agent


Chris was recommended to me through a friend that had lost a lot of weight through regular personal training. Chris is very professional throughout our sessions; he is always on time, reliable, well presented and well prepared. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 5 months we have trained together and long may it continue.

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