Personal training 


Our trainers are friendly, knowledgeable and professional.


At your initial consultation we will discuss your current health and fitness levels, your overall wellbeing and your training aspirations and goals. We will then design a bespoke programme for you, whatever your level of fitness, to help you acheive these goals. 


We want you to love your training sessions and be motivated to stick with them! That's why we design programmes that will not only deliver the results you want, but will also be varied and enjoyable.


The initial consultation is free, then the cost of your training is determined by the number of sessions you book with us


Call or email us today for prices and to book your consultation and first personal training session. 


Tennis coaching


Chris Ryan is a fully qualified tennis coach and has access to a number of courts across London.


He coaches all levels from beginners up and offers:

  • tennis specific fitness training
  • cardio tennis training - improves technique and burns extra calories
  • technique training


Call or email him today to book your first session. 


Sports injuries - rehabilitation and massage


If you play sport, injuries happen.


Tanya Clarke is our resident physiotherapist, and a former Chelsea and Fulham FC therapist, so she knows a thing or two about sports injuries. She will be able to diagnose your injury and design a rehabilitation programme to get you fit and back to training or playing as soon as possible.


She also offers sports massage either to compliment any rehabilitation programme or simply to enable you to unwind, relax and release all the built up tension and stress in your life...


Call Tanya today for a consultation or a massage.


Postural analysis


If you sit behind a desk all day, you may be suffering with repetitive strain injuries, neck, shoulder and /or back problems, muscle soreness, impaired flexibility, and/or recurring headaches and eyestrain. We design stress management programmes to quickly improve and optimise posture and muscle aches and also stretching and postural realignment programmes which help with general wellbeing, associated weight-loss programmes and overall stress management.


Call or email Chris today for a free initial consultation


Real time advice 


Your relationship with your Baseline Fitness trainer doesn't end when you walk out of the gym!


Whether you have a question regarding your exercise programme, you want suggestions for a healthy meal or simply a mid-week motivational chat,  our trainers' knowledge and expertise is available to you at any time. Just text, email or phone.


Also check out the Baseline Blog for regular features on fitness, health and lifestyle issues.


Nutritional advice


What you eat and drink is a hugely important part of discovering and maintaining a healthier lifestyle and positive wellbeing.


Our personal trainers can analyse your current diet and provide advice on nutrition and meal planning and will offer you the active support you need to develop and maintain a more healthy lifestyle.


Also check out the Baseline Blog for regular features on fitness, health and lifestyle issues.